Orange Hair: Quick Guide to Everything You Need to Know

by Editorial Team

If you’re looking to make a bold statement with your hair, orange is the way to go! It’s a fun and vibrant color that can really liven up your look. But it’s not just about being flashy; orange hair can also be classy and stylish when done right. Read on to find out more about this exciting trend.

Embrace the Color

Orange comes in many shades, so there’s something for everyone! Whether you want to go all out with a bright neon hue or keep it subtle with a muted peach, you can find an orange shade that suits your style. You don’t have to commit fully either—you can opt for highlights or an ombre effect that starts off light and gradually turns darker towards the ends of your hair.

Try the Balayage Technique

If you want an even subtler approach, try the balayage technique. This involves painting sections of hair with various shades of orange for a sun-kissed look. The best part about this technique is that it looks natural and gives off an effortless vibe. Plus, it doesn’t require as much maintenance as other coloring techniques—a few touch-ups here and there will do the trick!

Choose Your Products Wisely

Once you’ve chosen your shade of orange, make sure you pick products that won’t damage your hair too much. Opt for sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners as well as heat protectant sprays if you blow dry or style your hair often. To keep your color vibrant, use color-safe products like purple shampoo and conditioner which help counteract any brassiness in the color while keeping it fresh and bright.

Orange is one of those colors that stands out from the crowd but also looks great in all its various shades—from neon to pastel peach! Whether you want to embrace the color fully or just add some subtle highlights here and there, orange hair is definitely worth trying out if you want to switch up your look! Just remember to choose products wisely so that your locks stay healthy and vibrant at all times.

Stunning Orange Hair Color

Orange is a popular hue that can liven up your outfit and is ideal for the fall season. There are several orange tones to pick from, and we have 15 of the most trendy orange hair color ideas to show you today. There is a hairdo for everyone, whether you want to attempt bright orange or a warm coppery tone.

#1: Short Orange Hair

Orange Hair

There’s no way you wouldn’t be recognized with this orange hair color. Not because it’s casual and glamorous, but because it mixes many different shades of orange, yellow, and red to create a hair color that’s totally unique. Moreover, if your hair is short, your hair color will look more vibrant.

#2: Curly Orange Hair

Curly Orange Hair

Without a doubt, head-to-toe coloring is meant for bold women. Such women are not afraid of devotion, which requires frequent care and meticulous care. Can you describe yourself as a brave young woman? If that’s the case, you can continue to fascinate people with your unique hair tones. If you have curly hair, don’t be afraid to try this!

#3: Wavy Orange Hair

Orange Hair

Don’t you think this style is the best example of autumn? Wavy orange hair is just what you need for wet autumn days. It’s never too late for bright colors. If you feel the same way and want to be cheerful even in the coldest weather, do not ignore this recommendation.

#4: Shaggy Orange Hair

Shaggy Orange Hairstyles

Another fascinating and dimensional mix of sparkling colors is ready to seduce you. While it’s not the first time that hair color has taken over humanity, this particular concept seems to have the most important aesthetic impact. If you like slightly messy hair, try this color with a shaggy haircut.

#5: Messy Orange Hair

Messy Orange Hair Ideas

The hair is short and thick and dyed a deep and warm orange shade from root to tip. As you can see it’s a gorgeous color. Orange is flattering on all hairstyles and skin tones. A must-have color for the fall season. If your hair is messy, it shows that you are more courageous.

#6: Orange Hair with Curtain Bangs

Orange Hair

The hair is wavy and colored in a vibrant orange hue. Hair is shiny throughout, but especially at the midpoint when it’s flavorful and richly colored. This is a great color choice that will look great on all hair types and lengths. So it also looks great when combined with curtain bangs.

#7: Orange and Pink Hair

Orange and Pink Hair Color

Pastel colors have approaches for everyone: they don’t care regarding your natural hair color or skin tone because their adaptability will always be available for you to freshen up your look. Though they appear washed-out or faded, their smooth texture establishes the color balance. Look at the beautiful color play that these pink and orange tints generate on the waves. Isn’t that a look to emulate?

#8: Orange Hair with Bangs

Orange Hair with Bangs Ideas

While orange may seem harsh on its own, it shows its true potential when paired with complementary hues. Light pink tones will look great when mixed with light orange tones. Make the orange the focal point of the look by placing it on your bangs so that you don’t miss it. This way, you will not only place it in the center of attention but also get some framing.

#9: Orange Hair with Money Pieces

Orange Hair and Money Pieces

A bronze orange hue on light brown hair is arguably the most fashionable way to spice up your natural hair color. The extra color isn’t overwhelming, but it’s smooth and bright, making your natural tone look gorgeous like never before. Don’t be afraid to bleach your hair; You will love the result. At the same time, adding white money pieces to it makes the orange color stand out.

#10: Orange and Yellow Hair

Orange Hair

It’s all about fairy-like ombre these days! There are three things that people can stare at indefinitely, and this flaming orange hair color appears to be one of them. When we say fiery ombre, we don’t imply a harsh transition between two contrastive hues. In this example, the colors are complementary, and, more crucially, they don’t merely transit: they combine to make a spectacular display of fiery hues.

#11: Orange and Red Hair

Orange and Red Hair Color

Those looking for something ginger-like will appreciate the light, yet the striking shade of orange hair color with a hint of reddish strands. Aside from its excellent combination, it has one more feature that will force you to give it a shot: it will fade to a noble, somewhat washed-out orange hue.

#12: Dark and Light Orange

Dark and Light Orange Hair

When it comes to hair color, the first thing that comes to mind is balayage. Women should never avoid this coloring method because of the striking variety of colors that create a voluminous look and pleasant texture. This image shows how balayage can create a smooth transition from cool red to bright orange. In addition, light orange is also preferred as money pieces.

#13: Light Orange Hair

Light Orange Hair Color

Another factor that will always capture people’s attention is naturalness. It’s important to seem spectacular when we want to expose our inner brilliance, but it’s also important to highlight your innate attractiveness. Brunettes can go a few shades lighter and add a slight orange hue to their locks to make them stand out. Take a look at this image: the hue is both natural and eye-catching.

#14: Dark Orange Hair

Dark Orange Hair Color

The name farks Phoenix hair color comes from the fact that it incorporates all of the fire-like colors found on the multicolored phoenix feathers. The reality is that this color is as timeless as the fabled bird: it will never go out of vogue. You may mix any vibrant colors you choose, but keep in mind that such color combinations require a variety of orange hues.

#15: Straight Orange Hair

Straight Orange Hair Ideas

Orange hair color looks even tastier than it sounds. The only thing you need to consider is your skin tone, as these colors work best on light and pale skin tones. To achieve the best results with this color, you should make sure that your hair is straight.

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