40 Ways to Get Tribal Braids: Everything You Need To Know!

by Editorial Team

Tribal braiding is an ancient art form that has been practiced all over the world for centuries. It is a popular hair style among many cultures, particularly in Africa and the Middle East. Today, it is often seen as a fashion statement, but there’s much more to tribal braids than meets the eye. Let’s explore the history and beauty of this timeless tradition.

The Origin of Tribal Braids

Tribal braiding has its roots in traditional African cultures. In some tribal communities, women wore intricate patterns of plaited hair as a sign of status or simply to express themselves artistically. This practice was passed down from generation to generation, becoming a part of their cultural identity. To this day, many African tribes still use braiding as an important part of their ceremonies and rituals.

Tribal Braids in Modern Times

Today, tribal braiding is no longer just a cultural tradition—it has become a fashion trend embraced by people from all walks of life! From celebrities like Rihanna and Beyonce sporting epic cornrows to everyday women experimenting with intricate twists and weaves—tribal braiding is everywhere! It’s not only stylish, but it can also be very empowering for those who choose to wear it.

Tribal braiding is an ancient art form with rich cultural roots that reach back centuries. It holds deep symbolic meaning for many people around the world and has become an important part of their cultural identity. Today, it’s also become an incredibly popular fashion statement that anyone can wear! Whether you’re looking to channel your inner goddess or make a bold statement with your look—tribal braids are definitely worth checking out!

40 Trendy Tribal Braids to Copy This Year

Cornrows are thicker hair. They are larger and more prominent, and tightly tied to the scalp. In all cases, you can specify the style in different ways. Choose from various options, including pearls, swirly designs around the crown, digital and threaded ombre, and a cap style decorated with cuffs and butterflies.

#1: Fulani Braids

Fulani Braids
Instagram / @trancandocomadai

One of the most popular cornrows is the Fulani braids, which come from the full line of West Africa. An essential feature of this style is a central band or twisted headband. You can adorn it with rings and beads in the traditional way. Since it includes intermediate knitting, you can knit in a relaxing or “doing” style. It’s no wonder that the versatile, lively full-line knot has been trendy lately.

#2: Blue Box Braids

Blue Box Braids
Instagram / @byevalima

Not all box braids are loose. Some can crochet and show off the beauty of this crisp blue, giving the model a vibrant look. This style is similar to a random twist of hair pulled back into a semi-loose ponytail with black-blue hair color.

#3: Black and White Box Braids

Black and White Box Braids
Instagram / @geh_soouza

This box braids have a beautiful black and white color. Those who want to get a different look can try this. Because when your hair is partly white and partly black, you look incredibly different. Moreover, these cornrows are a way to continue the tradition in a modern way.

#4: Rainbow Cornrows

Rainbow Cornrows
Instagram / @noixq_ta

These are some of the brightest and most colorful box slides I have ever seen, definitely for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd. Add in lots of pinks, yellows, greens, blues, and other rainbow shades, and the delicate box braids can easily win our hearts for perfection. While red energizes the fighting spirit, the other colors themselves represent a strong and confident personality.

#5: Purple Tribal Braids

Purple Tribal Braids
Instagram / @jumboboxbraids

Tribal braids actually add a bit of volume and make things better while keeping you up to date with the latest hairstyle trends. Adding a little ridge to the crown makes it look better, and this box braids have fine strands. Adding color will make it brighter if it’s a mix of medium strands. In this respect, you can add a purple hue to your hair for a change.

#6: Fulani Braids with Pink Hair

Tribal Braids
Instagram / @pollyannalourenco

This style has thicker Fulani braids turned into smaller braids, with most of the hair near the roots, and the hair’s end has a beautiful vivid pink color. Half-up and half-down ponytails this is a style that everybody enjoys. If you want a little different touch, you can try pink hair color.

#7: Lots of Color Cornrows

Lots of Colors Cornrows
Instagram / @supremehairus

Here, huge colors resembling rainforests are displayed in various shades of aqua blue, blue, and dark blue. Blue is the best take on combining its tone with the colors of the deep sea. Although the range of blue is small, it is a must if you have long hair on your shoulders.

#8: Rainbow Undercolor on Tribal Braids

Tribal Braids
Instagram / @rafhatrancas

The under-color hair trend, which is the trend of recent times, is now combined with tribal braids! You can try this hair trend, which is hidden when your hair is left open but is revealed when you collect your hair. Moreover, this hair is ideal for reflecting your colorful personality.

#9: Gold-Laced Tribal Braids

Gold Laced Tribal Braids
Instagram / @noixq_ta

Smaller tribal braids can be animated with a large amount of gold thread throughout. It brings jungle-themed style to ultra-compact, strapless box braids. The Twist of the crown adds to its charm, but the overall vibe is powerful and captivating. The length is perfect, but the golden side of the black hair is all it takes to remind you of a wild cat.

#10: Short Tribal Braids

Short Tribal Braids
Instagram / @urbiafro

Tribal braids can be done with any length of hair, from short hair to long hair. Try a mid-length hairstyle if you have short hair and don’t like flat. The key to the tribal look is to create unique, organic cornrows. You don’t have to make them all the same length. Short hair can be difficult. Create a subtle tribal look by adding drop loops and beads in the center or sides in a Senegalese twist.

#11: Tribal Braids Bun

Tribal Braids Bun
Instagram / @braidsbyshymoney

Braided buns have a classic hairstyle, but side braids make them look even more beautiful. Sophisticated and stylish design perfect for special occasions such as weddings and receptions. We seek braids of various sizes, patterns, and thicknesses and add a gold thread for traditional gold plating.

#12: Lemonade Tribal Braids

Lemonade Tribal Braids
Instagram / @beautybynolaj

Lemonade braids are a twist from left to right, not from front to back. Named after the style Beyonce wore on the cover of the album Lemonade.’ For the tribal version of Lemonade Braids, ask the stylist to knit a little more blade to expose the scalp and add beads and curls.

#13: Tribal Braids with Curly Ends

Tribal Braids with Curly Ends
Instagram / @nannars_hairbeautyllc

For a pretty bohemian look, place the ends of a rolled-up tribal braid. Combine lots of your curls for best results with a thin, long braid. The unbraided edges also create a beautiful contrast with the tighter braids like boxed braids. Also, this style can be worn for a shorter amount of time than a full braid style.

#14: Tribal Braids with Rings and Cords

Tribal Braids with Rings and Cords
Instagram / @kimmys_braiding

Cords and rings are traditional headdresses of many African tribal cultures. The metallic finish of the ring and the bright color of the cord contrast beautifully with black hair, giving it a glamorous and unique look when combined with braids. Plus, you don’t have to knit a lock, so you can always give your jewelry a new look.

#15: Butterflies with Tribal Braids

Butterflies with Tribal Braids
Instagram / @tamika_braidbarbie

You can get a sweet look with colorful butterflies that you can wear in your hair. This idea, which is a perfect option for those who still feel childish, will add a different atmosphere to you. Moreover, when you add the blue color to the box braids braid, you will have unique hair.

#16: Green Box Braids

Green Box Braids
Instagram / @justbraidsinfo

If you want to have your hair braided but also want to make a difference, this idea is for you. You can add a difference to your hair by dyeing some of your hair green and braiding it. In this way, the green color that appears between your black hair shines brightly.

#17: Long and Thin Cornrows

Long and Thin Cornrows
Instagram / @slaybyak.tish

With box braids, it’s common to feature extensions. In different words, it contained all the concupiscence of a pop star within the 90s. The braids that suspend right down to the waist are heavy, however spectacular in themselves. For the foremost engaging look, roll in the hay with bushy eyebrows and open lips.

#18: Long and Medium Cornrows

Long and Medium Cornrows
Instagram / @keairatrenee

Long box braids are the norm, and we grasp that. Several of the looks on this list represent that category. Whereas some are super skinny, though, we see those who are a touch on the thicker side, the braids themselves showing additional relaxation. For girls of color, this is often an excellent go-to look, and it’s marvelous with the makeup targeted principally on the slanted eyes.

#19: Tribal Braids with Top Knot

Tribal Braids
Instagram / @marlyshairbraiding

The tribal braids are an excellent traditional style on their own, but paired with a top knot makes it even more appealing. A braided knot at the top will always stand out from the crowd and give you the confidence you deserve. It gives you a perfect look. Also, the combination of the top knot and box style increases height and elongates the face, making for a beautiful combination.

#20: Grey Box Braids

Grey Box Braids
Instagram / @rootsbysomaa

These beautiful box braids hangers are dyed in the same chic silver grey as grandma and look great with lots of yarn. Pleated styles for shoulder-length hair and shoulder-length hair. Great for laid-back style. The atmosphere of the ’80s is everywhere now. See the opposite atmosphere to your hair with a soft side ponytail. It’s a lot of fun, but there’s also a convenient way to keep long laces in the gym. It’s an excellent way to exercise.

#21: 90s Box Braids

feed in braids
Instagram / @narahairbraiding

Let’s round out this flashy box braids trend because 90s hairstyles are rising. You can get a modern look with two strands out of your hair. Especially in these hairstyles, adding beads to the ends of the hair gives you a different and pleasant atmosphere.

#22: Cornrows with Buns

Cornrows with Buns
Instagram / @ebenabeauty

Do you like all the classic style braids with box laces? You can make this box braids just by adding a half-down effect. After all, you need to leave the hair in the lower half to get a good balance of hair weight. After your hair box braided, you can collect your hair with small buns.

#23: Box Braids in a Ponytail

Box Braids in a Ponytail
Instagram / @trancanago

A ponytail is a hairstyle that has the back of the head high and hangs like a tail. After braiding your hair, you can be more comfortable by collecting your hair from the top. Moreover, your long hair does not bother you in this way.

#24: Twisted Top Bun Half Updo

Twisted Top Bun Half Updo
Instagram / @mimifaust

Half of the hair falls on the shoulders and the rest is professionally twisted into high buns. This style is very chic and suitable to wear in any case. Moreover, with this style of hair, you will get a different look. Also, this hairstyle makes your face stand out more.

#25: Black and Gold Funky Updo

Black and Gold Funky Updo
Instagram / @evilynnnn__

Highlights from golden wheat are added to the natural, dark hair, making this box-blade hairstyle a huge hit. A small box braid that tapers towards the edge of a micro braid is slightly thicker and thinner. Contrasting color combinations give an overall natural look, but with minimal makeup, people will compliment your braids all night long.

#26: Fulani Braids with Ombre

Trial Braids with Ombre
Instagram / @deesigner_hair

Ombre Fulani braids come in all colors and lengths. Choose two colors of your choice, and let’s create your style completely. Also, if you want, you can prefer red to yellow transitions as in the photo. In this way, you can achieve a flame appearance.

#27: Red Tribal Braids

Red Box Braids
Instagram / @lelecarvalhx

This hairstyle is a great option for those who love the color red. You should evaluate this color before adding a difference to your hair. You can achieve this hairstyle by dyeing your hair red before braiding your hair. Moreover, this color will look beautiful with your makeup!

#28: Pink Ombre with Blonde Cornrows

Pink Ombre with Blonde Cornrows
Instagram / @_intellexual

Blonde and pink have a wonderful harmony. In this respect, if you want, you can dye your hair blonde and have an ombre with pink. Then, by braiding your hair, you get a beautiful and different look. Moreover, you will get incredible beauty with the pink beads you put on your hair.

#29: Green and Purple Box Braids

Green and Purple Box Braids
Instagram / @ludeluahh

Would you consider dyeing your hair two different colors and then braiding it? If you have difficulty deciding on this, you can evaluate green and purple. These colors blend beautifully with each other and fascinate everyone who sees you. If you have such a thought in your mind, you should do it right away!

#30: Tribal Braids with Bun

Wide Knob Trail Braids
Instagram / @noixq_ta

One of the best things about the box blade is that you can easily tailor the look and feel to suit your mood and needs. Using longer locks, including thinner veneer, increases its versatility. You can use your hair to create a high ponytail or pull it into a top pan-shaped crown that covers your entire head. You define your appearance.

#31: Two-Toned Tribal Braids

Two-Toned Trail Braids
Instagram / @braidsbyieesha

Who said braids only need one color? Add brown to dark hair if you’re looking for a not-so-permanent change. Thus, you gain a different look from everyone else. At the same time, you can reflect these two colors that look good with each other on your clothes.

#32: Blue and Black Tribal Braids

Blue and Black Trial Braids
Instagram / @randnbraidedwigs

The harmony of blue-black hair is reminiscent of the night. In this respect, you can try blue and black braid trials to reflect this on your hair. You will not regret these colors give you peace of mind. Moreover, the blue color stands out more in the darkness of black.

#33: Jumbo Tribal Braids

Jumbo Tribal Braids
Instagram / @jumboboxbraids

For a hairstyle that always stands out, try large tribal braids. Tribal jumbo braids, a type of box braids, are much thicker than other styles and often require hair extensions to achieve great results. Braid size is just as important as how you separate your hair. You can create various looks this way, but you can add hoops, cuffs, and beads to give them a unique look with large braids.

#34: Two Layer Tribal Braids

Two Layer Tribal Braids
Instagram / @btrasae

To create two-layer tribal braids, the stylist divides the hair into horizontal sections, rounds each section, and braids each section with a different pattern. Stylists provide extensions as each line is knitted. The top and bottom are woven separately for a longer, bulkier look and a distinctive contrasting finish.

#35: Ghana Braids

Ghana Braids
Instagram / @studiomayfreitas

As the name suggests, the Ghanaian braid is the traditional hairstyle of the Ghanaian country. The term ‘Ghana braids’ is widely applied to many styles of braids, and all have their slimming effect. To create Ghana cornrows, stylists first create a microblade and thin it with a thicker and thicker braids twist.

#36: Feed-in Braids

Feed-in Braids
Instagram / @savsstyles

The inner braids use a knotless technique to add natural hair extensions and create longer, thicker, fuller braids. Because no knots are required, the extension loosens and loosens the scalp, further protecting the natural hair. With extensions, you can make thick and beautiful braids for both short and long hair.

#37: Senegalese Tribal Braids

Senegalese Tribal Braids
Instagram / @trapprinzess

Also known as the Senegalese Twist, the Senegal tribal braids have a soft rope-like appearance that adds charm to any style. This is technically a braid that became popular around the world in the early 2000s, including in the West African country of Senegal. It is based on the traditional technique but uses twisted artificial hair.

#38: Curved Short Box Braids with Top Knot

Curved Short Box Braids with Top Knot
Instagram / @milanihairstudio

The curvaceousness of the shoulder-length braids fascinates people at first glance, and the shape looks pretty perfect. By layering extra braids on top and tying a know you can balance and beautify. Creates a fairly unique style that is easy and gives confidence to the softer and shorter.

#39: Light Brown Tribal Braids

Brown Tribal Braids
Instagram / @debbie.pipes_

Light brown hair is a color that goes well with any outfit. Therefore, you can try this color and braid your hair. This color, which is also compatible with the clothes you wear, adds a different atmosphere to you. This color, which looks beautiful with the accessories you wear, comes together with box braids, resulting in a wonderful image.

#40: Zigzag Tribal Braids

Zig Zag Tribal Braids
Instagram / @resie_braids

You can consider a zig-zag-shaped design to shape your hair roots into various shapes. In this way, you can braid your hair beautifully and have a different shape. Moreover, you can decorate this hairstyle with various beads. You can also dye your hair in different colors if you want.

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