45 Wolf Cut Hairstyles: Why Wolf Cut is The Best Haircut for Women

by Editorial Team

The wolf cut is one of the trendiest hairstyles of the moment, perfect for anyone who wants to look cool and unique. It’s a lengthy style with long layers and razor-cut ends that give it a wild, textured appearance. Perfect for those days when you want to show off your own personal sense of style. It can be fashioned in many different ways, from an all-over messy look to something more polished. You can even play up or down the volume as much as you like for a completely personalized look every time—that’s what makes it so great! The wolf cut is one of the easiest ways to keep up with current trends and always look your best.

Wolf Hair Cut Tips and Things to Consider

When considering a Wolf Cut, it is important to take into consideration that this style requires regular maintenance. Due to its layered cut, the ends can often become dry and brittle in the absence of proper care. Therefore, it is advised to have regular trims every 6-8 weeks in order to keep the look fresh and healthy. Additionally, it is essential to use a product that provides adequate moisture as well as protection against heat damage while styling.

Moreover, when opting for a Wolf Cut, be sure to speak with your stylist about which length would work best for you. For example, those with thin or fine hair may want to go for shorter layers whereas those with thicker locks might benefit from longer layers. Furthermore, if you prefer more volume apply some mousse or other volumizing product before blow drying the layers in an upward motion.

Finally, depending on the shape and size of your face it can be beneficial to ask your stylist for advice regarding bangs or face framing pieces. This will ensure that your Wolf Cut complements your features in the best way possible!

45 Best Ideas for Wolf Cut Hair Trend

The wolf cut is a combination of the shag and mullet haircut. You could make it wild or relax, retaining the length, volume, and wispy layers on point. The versatility of the wolf is endless. It’s a unique gender impartial fashion. Consequently, all human beings can boost their appearance and do their best.

How to Get The Wolf Cut Hair Trend?

In addition to young girls who like to follow the trends, those who want to have shorter hair can try this new wolf cut hair trend. So choose one of the 45 different ideas below and be brave!

What is The Wolf Cut?

Thanks to social media, a Wolf Cut has been popular this year. In fact, after becoming viral on TikTok, a wolf cut became quite fashionable! Wolf Cut become popular among younger women who like to keep up with the latest trends. It is a contemporary variation of the mullet or shag haircut that emphasizes hundreds of short layers that frame the face, known as the ’wolf cut.’

Why is It Called a Wolf Cut?

The wolf cut is claimed to have developed in South Korean salons, earning its name from the wild, untamed look created by the thick layers, which resemble the fur of its namesake. To make things even more interesting, the style is frequently placed in place atop loosely permed hair to create an exquisitely tousled appearance.

Is a Wolf Cut Good for Thin Hair?

While everyone may attempt the wolf cut hairstyle, it is recommended for individuals who have medium to thick hair that can take a lot of layers and can be a little heavy. In other words, the rough cut may cause thin strands to get weighed down. It looks well on wavy hair. However, the cut will be more technical. So, it is recommended for folks with medium to long hair. You’ll be able to cut through the layers more easily, resulting in a longer layered effect. The cut will appear choppier on people with shorter hair.

#1: Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs

Ultra-Long Wolf Cut Ideas

In general, the wolf cut, applied to short hair, is also compatible with long hair. You don’t need to shorten your hair for this haircut. If you have long hair, you can keep up with this trend. This slightly messy design will make you look wild.

#2: Wolf Cut with Bangs

Wolf Cut with Bangs

This style, which has become the fashion of 2022, appear in many different ways! You can combine wolf cut with bangs if you have bangs or want a brand new look. This combination, which looks good on short and long hair, recreates you no matter your hair color.

#3: Wolf Cut with Ombre

Short Wolf Cut

If you want to make your ombre hair stand out more, the short wolf cut is what you are looking for. In this way, you can also adapt to the latest trends. If you have ear-length hair, don’t hesitate to try this idea!

#4: Dark Toned

Wolf Cut

An effective cut idea for dark hair. Create a gothic wind in your hair with this dark wolf cut and complete your style with your makeup.

#5: Billie Eilish’s Haircut

Billie Eilish Wolf Cut Hair

People who enjoy medium and short-length hair swoon over Billie Eilish’s stylish hair. The shaggy cut has been around since the 1970s, but the present version looks like a cross between a mullet and a shag cut. This entertaining look is suitable for all hair types since the perfect wolf cut will result in a sloppy and undone haircut.

#6: Looks Like The Hime Cut

Straight Wolf Cut Ideas

The haircut, which you will see less often on straight hair, does not look messy on this type of hair. If you’re tired of using straight hair, try this! In this way, you will add a difference to your straight hair. If you want more changes, you can also dye your hair purple or a different color.

#7: On Curly Hair

Wolf Cut Curly Hair

It doesn’t matter what the hairstyle is for the trend. This trend, which you can apply even if you have curly hair, is compatible with curly hair as it already looks messy. However, your hair mustn’t be too short for your hair to look beautiful.

#8: With Dark Blue

Navy Wolf Cut

There are many other different ideas you can try after you have practiced the hair. One of them is to completely dye your hair. You can choose the dark blue color for this. If you have a light skin tone, this color, which will stand out, will also suit the hair.

#9: Ginger Style

Ginger Wolf Cut

If you have natural ginger hair, you can make a difference without dyeing your hair. For this, the wolf cut is quite suitable because losing the natural ginger color that everyone wants to achieve can be bad. You can get the difference you wish to with the wolf cut.

#10: Black and Purple

Purple Wolf Cut Ideas

The color purple can always keep up with any trend. If you have decided to try the haircut for this, you do not need to dye your purple hair a different color. Also, if you don’t have purple hair, you can combine this color that goes with everything with the idea of hair.

#11: Light Brown

Light Brown Wolf Cut Hair

Layers, light brown hair, and happy new layers are a fantastic combination; it’s so romantic, fresh, and gentle and suits most females. Any lady will appear like a rock star with a layered wolf cut with bangs! Wolf cut hairstyles, like the one seen here, are cut in thick layers around the face and the crown, giving brown hair a lot of volume and substance.

#12: Money Pieces

Wolf Cut with Money Pieces

Money pieces are an idea that takes their place in hair trends. When you combine this with the haircut, you get an excellent result. You should try this idea, especially if your hair is shoulder-length. If your hair is longer, you can also decide to cut it.

#13: Blonde Wolf Cut

Blonde Wolf Cut Ideas

Every hair trend that blondes want to try is more visible. In this respect, the wolf cut is more prominent in blonde hair. So if you want to highlight this cut, you can dye it even if your hair is not blonde. You can be sure that you will get a perfect result.

#14: Short and Shaggy

messy short hair

The haircut is generally tried on medium-length hair. However, if you have shorter hair, you can try this trend. But if you try something like this, you should remember that your hair will be too short of applying the wolf cut. That’s why you might think twice about the shortcut.

#15: Long Hair Bangs

Short Wolf Cut

A messy wolf haircut with long bangs is a trendy, edgy variant of the shag haircut. Wolf cuts are thickly layered and provide lots of volume and texture for ladies to work with. They look wonderful whether your hair is straight or wavy and work well on practically all hair types.

#16: Retro Looking

Wolf Cut

The wolf cut, which is suitable for retro lovers, is often tried by those who have this style. This haircut, which is used especially by browns, is easy to shape. Because the hair looks wavy and you don’t need to care too much. So all you have to do is go to the hairdresser and get this haircut.

#17: Curly Mullet

Natural Color Wolf Cut

If you have natural hair, the ideas will look more lively in your hair. So catch this trend without spoiling your natural hair color and shape. If you have curly hair, as in the photo, the wolf cut will look a little more complicated. That’s why it’s hard to regret.

#18: Ash Grey

Gray Wolf Cut

If you couldn’t catch the ash grey hair, catch the wolf cut trend, and then dye your hair ash grey. In this way, you both have ash grey hair and adapt to the haircut trend of 2023. You will be pleased with its light ash grey color, which is close to white.

#19: Brown Wolf Cut

brown wavy wolf cut hair

If you have brown hair and you love them, you don’t want to dye it. However, you may want to make a change in your hair. For this, you can try the wolf cut idea, which is one of this year’s trends. In this way, you will fascinate everyone with your new style.

#20: With Two-Tone

Wolf Cut

A wolf cut does not require a single color. That’s why you can get a two-tone haircut. You can change these two colors if you wish, but these are colors that are compatible with each other and look good. Therefore, the decision is entirely up to you.

#21: Dark Hair with Bangs

Black Wolf Cut Hair

A trendy cut for straight hair is a great haircut to try! Long haircuts are one of the most popular styles and are so harmonious that you can wear them no matter your hair type. Moreover, this hairstyle’s bangs help you get a more stylish look.

#22: Neon with Dark Roots

Neon Wolf Cut

The combination of neon colors and the haircut creates an extremely remarkable result. For this, using predominantly yellow and green colors will make you stand out more. Also, leaving your hair roots a dark color will give you a wilder look.

#23: Pink Wolf Cut

Pink Wolf Cut

Pink is the favorite of everyone who wants to dye their hair. Because this color looks beautiful with almost any outfit and accessories, you can see also hair dye your hair ends a darker pink. In the last step, you need to have the wolf cut. This way, you will be the most eye-catching person.

#24: Korean Style

Blue Wolf Cut

You can easily use any shade of blue in your wolf-cut hair. However, choosing a pastel and light blue gives you a more straightforward look. You may also look a little pale. You can use colored headlights to add color to your face.

#25: Debby Ryan’s Hair Cut

Wolf Cut Female

Instead of making your hair color to make the wolf cut look wilder, You can leave it black. In this way, you can quickly achieve the look of your dreams. Also, the length of your hair is not essential because black looks good with all hair lengths.

#26: Brown and Strawberry

Two-tone Hair Color

Brown and strawberry blonde are two colors that go well with each other. These two colors, especially for young people, can also be preferred on this hair. However, having long hair makes the colors stand out more. For this, ensure your hair is not shorter than shoulder length.

#27: Messy and Shaggy

Shaggy Wolf Cut

The haircut, which looks good with wavy hair, looks too messy. If you have a medium hair length, you should keep up with this trend because your wavy hair has never looked so glamorous and wild! In this way, all eyes will be on you wherever you enter.

#28: Silver and Purple

Silver and Purple Wolf Cut

When silver and purple come together, purple comes out more. In addition, your hair looks healthier and more vibrant. Therefore, after you decide to have the wolf cut, add these two colors to the hair idea. In addition, when you style your hair, you will look more well-groomed.

#29: Light Blonde

Wolf Cut Female

If you have naturally blonde hair that is gorgeous and feminine, this haircut is for you. The beautiful thing about this hairstyle is that it appears natural and is appropriate for ladies in their twenties; you won’t go out of style with it. If you have a tiny face, shorter bangs are a great option; it’s a very attractive style.

#30: Voluminous Wolf Cut

Voluminous Wolf Cut Ideas

If you want to have voluminous hair, all you have to do is try the wolf cut. Because this type of cut makes the hair look more messy and fluffy. That’s why your hair looks voluminous. This haircut will definitely be recommended to you, especially if you have wavy hair.

#31: Red Shaggy Mullet

Red Wolf Cut

Red is a very attractive and attractive color. If you want to look like this, you should definitely try red on your hair. If you want to add a little more brutality to your look, the wolf cut will help you.

#32: Wavy Wolf Hair

Wavy Wolf Cut

The loss of fine hair on a regular basis is a frequent problem. Short hair promotes hair development and makes it appear well-maintained. Here’s the wolf cut for all of that! This light brown wolf cut with bangs is one of the most romantic versions of the wolf cut.

#33: Light Blonde with Bangs

Wolf Cut on Blonde Hair

Women who want to try a shaggy haircut without drastically changing their look can opt for a light blonde wolf cut with hair bangs. With long layers, elegantly layered hair bangs, and modest face-framing, a wolf cut is easy to style and maintain. When styling this cut, you can use a hair styler if you want to create waves for an easy, lively look.

#34: With Rainbow Colors

Rainbow Wolf Cut Ideas

If you want to travel like a rainbow, you can consider this brightly colored idea. Especially the fact that the ends and bangs of the hair are covered with neon colors also protects you from being exaggerated and makes you different.

#35: Brown Hair with Curtain Bangs

Wolf Cut

The first thing you need to do for this very different and unique design is the cut. Then you should dye your bangs and part of the front of your hair blonde. Finally, you should make the rest of your hair brown. In this way, you will have very different yet stylish hair.

#36: Auburn Hair Color

Auburn Wolf Cut

Being an auburn is everyone’s dream. So if you’re natural auburn hair, don’t dye your hair for a change. Instead, try the haircuts that were trending that year. In this respect, you can try the wolf cut for 2022. In this way, you both protect your naturalness and comply with the trends.

#37: Mixed Blue Hair

Two-Colored Blue Wolf Cut

You can use blue alone, or you can try two shades of blue to be a little different. For this, dye your entire hair dark blue. Then choose a light blue shade and dye some of the fronts of your hair that color. You will create wonders with these two colors that will look good in the wolf cut.

#38: Ginger Wolf Cut with Bangs

Short Wolf Cut

Recently, it has become fashionable to dye the bangs a different color from the rest of the hair. In addition, the wolf cut is one of the most loved and preferred trends of this year. When you combine these two, you will create a unique beauty.

#39: Neon Hair Bangs

Blonde Wolf Cut with Neon Bangs

Try neon colors to add some vibrancy to your blonde hair. In this respect, especially the greenish-yellow color gives the brightness you want. The haircut in which these colors look best is the wolf cut. So put it all together, and you’re ready to leave the house.

#40: Rose Gold Hair Color

Rose Gold Wolf Cut

Rose gold hair color is very stylish. This color, a pastel pink tone, looks perfect, especially for young girls. If you choose the wolf cut for this color that does not require much makeup, all you have to do is style your hair.

#41: Honey Blonde

Blonde Wolf Cut

This shape made you look much better than before; a new effort in the cullet is excellent! Fan out this haircut for the spring and summer seasons, wear it with confidence, and then throw in a fun party. It is also possible to say that haircut is fashionable for women of all ages. This cool-toned blonde hairstyle has a noble air, making it ideal for any woman.

#42: Ginger and Brown

Wolf Cut Hair

Face framing hair coloring is a hairstyle that emphasizes the attractiveness of your face by coloring the section of your hair that frames it in a different color. The warm colors of ginger tones warm the heart in this coloring, which compliments the wolf-cut hairstyle.

#43: Short Cut with Bangs

Short Wolf Cut Hair Ideas with Bangs

How about this short wolf cut style? You could be the only one on the street wearing it. To attract and appreciate feminine attractiveness and teens, use a distinctive hairstyle with bangs and unkempt hair. Women who treasure their natural beauty will enjoy the wolf cut in this style, which can be done without disturbing your hair’s original texture.

#44: 70s Shaggy Hair

Shaggy Wolf Cut Hair Ideas

The wolf-cut form is broader at the top and tapering at the bottom. It has structure because of the flicky lobe-length layers, yet it nevertheless feels more laid-back and less dramatic. Opt for extra shaggy layers at the top with an extreme taper at the bottom for a crazy take on the style.

#45: Hime Cut

Sleek Wolf Cut Hair

You don’t want to make a full commitment? With a few choppy layers around the crown, go for a gentler homage to the contour. If your hair is naturally ginger, this hime cut with flat bangs will suit your facial shape. A fluffy appearance on the sides will seem more trendy, and it’s ideal for wolf cuts for everyday use.

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