Caramel Highlights: The Perfect Way to Spice Up Your Black Hair

by Editorial Team

If you’ve been considering changing up your look, caramel highlights on black hair can be the perfect way to add some flair. Whether you’re looking for subtle sun-kissed highlights or bright streaks of color, caramel highlights offer the perfect blend of warmth and depth that can take your hairstyle from drab to fab in no time. Let’s explore why this color combination is so popular and how you can get the perfect caramelized look.


Why Choose Caramel Highlights?

Caramel highlights are an ideal choice for people with black hair because they bring out the natural darkness without being too jarring. They provide a warm, natural-looking contrast that looks great against darker locks without becoming too overwhelming. Plus, caramel comes in a variety of shades—from light golden brown to deep chestnut—which means there’s something for everyone when it comes to this color combo.

How Can I Get Caramel Highlights?

The best way to get caramel highlights is to visit a professional hair stylist who specializes in coloring techniques. A skilled stylist can create a customized look that will bring out the best features of your hair while still maintaining its natural integrity. When selecting a stylist, make sure they have experience working with darker hair types as they will be familiar with how to apply the color and technique safely and effectively.

Another option is to use an at-home highlighting kit like L’Oréal Paris Colorista 1-Day Spray in Light Brown/Caramel. This temporary product gives you the freedom to experiment with different colors without making a long-term commitment or damaging your hair. The spray lasts up 12 hours and washes off easily with shampoo, so it’s great for special occasions or just testing out new looks!

Caramel highlights are the perfect way to switch up your look without having to commit long term. From subtle sun-kissed strands to bold streaks of color, there are plenty of options for achieving this gorgeous style that looks amazing on black hair! Whether you choose to visit a professional stylist or try an at-home highlighting kit, you can be sure that caramel highlights will give you stunning results every time!

40 Trendy Caramel Highlights on Black Hair

Medium or blonde-based caramel highlights create soft bounces with empathetic tones, resulting in subtle and exclusive hair color. The high demand for this technique among celebrities is at the top of all records and is fully understandable. First of all, caramel stands out all over the world. Suitable for all hair types and all lengths, it can be used not only for blondes but also for black hairstyles.

#1: Well-Blended Caramel Highlights


Add some glamor to the brunette by replicating the well-blended and natural caramel highlights in the image. The most attractive aspect of this style is the variety of shades and shades. To see the amazing color in all its glory, straighten your hair and create smooth, unaccented lines on the edges.

#2: Soft Caramel Highlights on Black Hair

Caramel Highlights on Black Hair

Caramel highlights on short black hair are one of the most loved pubic styles. So, if you want a modern style but don’t want to go with the traditional golden-brown shade, consider this tawny shade. Tawny is a one-of-a-kind hue, a gorgeous blend of fawn and yellow.

#3: Reddish Caramel Highlights

Reddish Caramel Highlights on Black Hair

Go for the reddish caramel highlights for dark hair if you want to be constantly in style. This is one of the classic styles that you can try. There are countless ways to design your appearance and highlight the beauty of these caramel hues. If you’re going to a party, don’t be afraid to add a few rhinestone barrettes or pull your hair back into a stylish bun.

#4: Bright Tangerine Caramel Highlights

Bright Tangerine Caramel Highlights

What do you not see every day? Tangerine caramel highlights emphasize black hair. The classic center part and long length with subtle waves create a traditional yet pop color. In this way, your hair gains vitality. Moreover, this color works wonders by mixing with your black hair.

#5: Tawny Waves Caramel Highlights


The striking caramel color is very versatile in shades. If you’re looking for a modern twist on traditional black hair, try wavy curls. Tawny caramel highlights create a unique and elegant beauty in her hair from light brown to orange-brown.

#6: Brownish Caramel Highlights

Brownish Caramel Highlights on Black Hair

If you have black hair, the caramel highlights will not only add a lovely touch but will also provide a great contrast that will make you stand out. This caramel highlights with some brown touches is just what you need if you want your hair to seem like it’s been kissed by the sun.

#7: Caramel Highlights for Brunettes

Caramel Highlights on Black Hair

One of the most important things to remember about this hairstyling option is that the caramel highlights come in a variety of colors. Now all you have to do is choose the one that best suits your dark hair. Another thing to keep in mind is that highlights come in a variety of sizes and positions. If you are a brunette at this stage, you can get a more beautiful look by finding the most beautiful shade for your black hair.

#8: Caramel and Tousled Waves

Caramel Highlights and Tousled Waves

Gold highlights and tousled waves are an unrivaled combination. Brighter and darker tones look great. You can also recreate yourself with these colors. The best and most harmonious way of coloring your black hair is to choose caramel highlights.

#9: Golden Caramel Highlights

Golden Caramel Highlights

Ask your colorist for a golden highlights with caramel undertones to develop an extremely striking, shiny, and sophisticated aesthetic with long hair. Then use a heat roller to cover the body in long strands, leave for 10 to 15 minutes, and then wrap. Hello to your beautiful hair!

#10: Ruby Caramel Highlights for Black Hair

Caramel Highlights for Black Hair

What could be more trendy than some ruby caramel waves in your hair? This shade is distinguished by its crimson hue, which, when combined with black, changes your appearance. You will love how the caramel complements the waves, so you can make your waves look more beautiful with a hair styler.

#11: Black Hair with Caramel Ends

Black Hair with Caramel Ends

Check out this super cute choppy cut with caramel highlights. It is a beautiful length that is easy to handle with waves in the middle of the hair shaft and straight edges on both sides. Also, you will feel perfect when your roots are black and the rest of your hair is caramel.

#12: Sunset Caramel Highlights on Black Hair

Black Hair with Sunset Caramel Highlights

Take a look at the caramel hues at sunset. Don’t they look like a dream? If you want to go for this style, you just need to highlights some parts of your hair. This way it will be better and the result will be nicer. These shades are for people who always want to look stunning.

#13: Blonde Caramel Babylights


Another long hairstyle with baby lights for the black hair. The eye-catching three-dimensional color wave is also very pleasing with the sword-shaped face. If you do not like the combination of black and blonde caramel color, do not consider getting this hair done. However, if you like these two colors, you should try this color without stopping.

#14: Dark Caramel Highlights


Dark hair can be difficult to come off. The finished product may be too raw or unnatural. Black hair with dark caramel highlights is an example of how to do it right. Pieces of dark caramel are blended with a bit of chocolate to create a nice mixed effect.

#15: Sun-Kissed Caramel Highlights

Sun-Kissed Caramel Highlights

How about taking a look at the highlighted ‘sun-kissed’ option to warm you up and pay attention to the black hair? Sophisticated luxury suits all skin tones or hair lengths and delivers stunning results. This color, which is a perfect option for your hair, makes the caramel color almost different.

#16: Muted Caramel Highlights

Muted Caramel Highlights

A muted caramel-colored hair looks very subtle when applied to black hair. The trick is to mix them up and be artistic but not too obvious to go around in appearance. Whether your hair is short or long, leave a natural mess to accentuate your caramel beauty.

#17: Curtain Bangs with Caramel Highlights

Curtain Bangs with Caramel Highlights

If you have straight black hair, some caramel highlights will help break the monotony. The caramel tone will look like a natural accent, but always stylish and timeless. If you have natural hair color, aim for lighter caramel colors to prevent premature fading. If you use it for curtain bangs, you will get better results.

#18: Black Hair with Chestnut Caramel

Black Hair with Chestnut Caramel Highlights

Warm brown brings impressive black hair to life. This hazel shade is suitable for all hair textures. Shadows begin in every corner of the hair, near the crown or eye line, and continue to the edges of the hair. Don’t be afraid to adopt earth tones. Create a shaded matte to lighten the lines and bring your hair to life.

#19: Caramel Money Pieces

Caramel Money Pieces

What highlights are suitable for dark hair? If you have dark hair, you can choose from a number of interesting highlights. You can enhance your dark hair with blonde highlights by adding a piece of caramel instead of a warm dark brown ribbon. This is a modern look that catches the eye.

#20: Caramel Highlights in a Bob Cut

Caramel Highlights in a Bob Cut

Start the year off with a floral cut and eye-catching caramel random accents. In this way, you will make a good decision in line with the ‘new year, new me’ decision. At the same time, short hair gives you more convenience. Especially when you combine black hair with caramel highlights, you turn into a completely different person.

#21: Ash Caramel Highlights

Ash Caramel Highlights

The combination of delicate ash caramel and delicate blonde touch at the base adds a modern twist to the classic brunette with caramel highlights. This exceptional stain, highly differentiated and nuanced, creates a serious style. Also, this ashy hue gives you a mature look.

#22: Play of Colors in Caramel Highlights

Play of Colors in Caramel Highlights

If you do not want to show a single shade of caramel in your hair, you can try different shades of caramel. These colors, which dance in harmony with each other, add a different atmosphere to you. At the same time, all tones of caramel are in harmony with black.

#23: Warm Caramel Highlights

Warm Caramel Highlights

The highlight of the caramel is the hairstyle for straight hair if you use a hair straightener, while the curly or wavy style has a romantic look that looks divine. Sparkle light makes your waves stand out more. In this respect, the warm caramel color will warm you up! At the same time, it will cause you to be liked by everyone.

#24: Salted Caramel Latte Highlights

Salted Caramel Latte Highlights

You can try the salted caramel latte color for your black and long hair. If you like to drink salted caramel latte, you will like this hair color too. This color, which you will recognize and smell the latte, will add a modern look to you!

#25: Caramel Highlights with Pink Money Pieces

Caramel Highlights with Pink Money Pieces

Want to join the caramel highlights trend, but do you want to be different from everyone else? Then you can dye a lock or two of the front of your hair pink. Thus, you can create harmony with black, pink, and caramel colors. A little courage is all it takes! Then you will be satisfied with your decision.

#26: Long Dark Hair with Caramel Highlights

Caramel Balayage on Black Hair

Caramel is very popular because they come in a variety of colors. This two-tone piece is beautifully accented with very long hair strands. Good color is bright and makes your hair look healthier and fuller. If your hair is black and long, you can change it up with caramel highlights.

#27: Light Caramel Highlights

Light Caramel Balayage

Tired of black hair? If so, you can leave your hair roots dark and use brown and caramel tones towards the ends of your hair. This hairstyle is called blonde hair with dark roots. The color tone that opens in harmony with each other is ideal for those who are bored with one color.

#28: Peanut Butter Caramel Highlights

Peanut Butter Caramel Highlights

A caramel-filled ombre wave can look good on any hair texture. You must try the peanut butter caramel color for this one! It is almost certain that everyone will like this hair. Because it is the perfect choice for you. That’s why you should go to the hairdresser without thinking.

#29: Caramel Hair with Dark Roots

Black Hair with Caramel Highlights

Are you thinking about whether it’s dark or light? For this, you can try the brown-caramel color, which is neither light nor dark. The brown-caramel color adds vitality to your black hair. Suitable for both long and short hair, this color goes well with any hairstyle.

#30: Chocolate Caramel Balayage

Chocolate Caramel Balayage

Thinking of making highlights for your black hair? But don’t you want this color to stand out? Then you should prefer chocolate brown hair and caramel hair color, which is a very dark hair color. Thanks to this color, you will both add a difference to your hair and not highlight it too much.

#31: Well-Blended Caramel Highlights on Black Hair

Caramel Highlight On Black Hair

The best thing about caramel strands is that they go with practically every basic hue, particularly dark ones. From beige to creamy to orange, the caramel color pallet has a wide range of colors. You may pick from delicate and gentle to vibrant and prominent subtones. Adopt a well-blended, natural-looking caramel style to add some fascination to your black hair.

#32: Melted Caramel Highlights on Black Hair

Caramel Highlights with Black Hair

This color is perfect for pumpkin spice. Your most attractive choice will be black hair with a deep shade of melted caramel. This is one of the most attractive yet subtle and timeless styles you can obtain, as shown in these photographs.

#33: Black Hair with Bronzed Caramel Highlights

Black Hair with Caramel Highlights

We’re not talking about your tan when we say go, full-on bronze goddess. This caramelly brown melt-by is so smooth and delicate that it will last you the entire season. This color, which looks like a dollop of cream in a dark roast espresso, is exactly what any mocha-hued brunette needs to get her hair warmed up and ready for fall.

#34: Sunlit Caramel Highlights

Black Hair with Sunlit Caramel Highlights

Who doesn’t like a little glitz and glam? Just in time for fall, give your brunette mane a healthy dose of golden-caramel radiance. Add even more warmth to black hair for the fall season. When coupled with a blonde caramel, this butterscotch highlights mane looks fantastic.

#35: Wavy Black Hair with Caramel Highlights

Wavy Caramel Highlights on  Black Hair

If you want to keep your summer sparkle in the fall, take your caramel color to the next level. This refreshing caramel starts around the temples and melts perfectly. Especially if you have wavy hair, this hair color will make your waves look nobler.

#36: Caramel Highlights on Short Black Hair


Short haircuts are more fun than traditional haircuts. At the same time, if your hair is short, you can care more easily. Caramel highlights are the best option for your short hair. In this way, you can adapt to any place with the result. It is possible to look beautiful anytime, anywhere, be it for work or vacation.

#37: Coffee Caramel Highlights

Coffee Caramel Highlights on Black Hair

Take a trip to the dark side with this burnt caramel-inspired color. With the splendor of black hair and the shimmer of brown caramel, you’ll soon be the coolest girl in the room. Maintain a comfortable temperature without overheating. Your black long hair will look even better with a rich butterscotch blonde or toasted caramelized hue.

#38: Subtle Caramel Highlights

Subtle Caramel Highlights on Black Hair

Black hair may be transformed from boring to Pinterest-worthy with only a few modest caramel color sweeps. Caramel is unbelievably enticing, making it an excellent choice for highlights, downlights, and plunge hues. This delicious tone, fortunately, accommodates a wide range of shades. In reality, any black hair type may benefit from a smidgeon of caramel.

#39: Extra Rich Caramel Highlights

Extra Rich Caramel Highlights on Black Hair

Extra rich caramel highlights on black hair are really stunning. You may also change the intensity of your facial characteristics, spanning from delicate and unassuming to stunning and distinctive. If you want to show more light colors in your hair, you can exaggerate the highlights a little.

#40: Dimensional Caramel Highlights on Black Hair

Dimensional Caramel Highlights

Wavy black hair with a delightful highlights is one of the most comfortable hairstyles with caramel highlights. How about a caramel bale with beautiful hair that shapes your face? In this way, it is possible to look more mature and noble. Also, caramel adds shine to your black hair.

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