35 Short Blonde Hair for a Sweet New Look

by Editorial Team

If you’re considering a new look, short blonde hair is an excellent choice as it can be styled in many ways and looks amazing with any outfit. Here’s what you need to know about this timeless hairstyle and how to care for it so that you can get the most out of your new look.

Why You Should Consider Going Blonde?

When it comes to short blonde hair, the possibilities are limitless. It’s a great choice if you want a classic style that will never go out of fashion. The color can be adjusted to suit your skin tone and eye color, allowing you to create a vibrant yet subtle look that will draw compliments wherever you go. Plus, depending on the cut, short blonde hair can be elegant or edgy, and there’s always something new you can do with it.

How to Care for Blonde Hair?

When caring for your short blonde hair, one of the most important things is using the right products. Look for shampoos specifically designed for blonde hair as they will help keep your color looking vibrant. Avoid products with sulfates as these can strip away natural oils from your scalp and leave your hair dry and brittle. Also, make sure that you are using conditioner after every shampoo session in order to lock in moisture and prevent further damage.

When styling your short blonde hair, use a heat-protecting spray before using any heated styling tools such as straighteners or curlers. This will help protect your hair from the drying effects of heat damage while still allowing you to achieve a stunning style each time! Lastly, remember not to brush or comb through wet hair; instead, opt for wide-toothed combs or brushes specifically designed for wet detangling so that you don’t cause any breakage or split ends.

Short blonde hair is an evergreen hairstyle that offers endless possibilities when it comes to styling and looks fantastic on everyone! With proper care and maintenance, such as using sulfate-free shampoos specifically designed for blondes and heat-protecting sprays when styling with heated tools, this timeless look will remain beautiful over time — making it an excellent choice if you’re looking for something new! So why not give it a try today?

35 Ways to Get Short Blonde Hair Trend

Short blonde hair is the ideal new appearance for the spring and summer seasons. If you want something simple and attractive, these charming basic hairstyles are perfect for you! If you’re thinking of getting a short haircut for the first time, this collection is a great place to start.

#1: Short Honey Blonde Hair

Short Blonde Hair

This is an excellent selection of short hairstyles for women who are new to short haircuts. Shoulder-length layers provide enough hair to work with for up-dos while remaining short enough to give you a whole distinct appearance. It’s simple to keep your honey blonde hair looking good.

#2: Layered Short Blonde Hair

Layered Blonde Hair

Blonde short hair is quick and easy to style, but it’s also a novel experience for many women. Check out the different layered hairstyles available if you’re seeking an updated cut for blonde hair. Without a lot of texturizing, blonde hair may seem quite monotone, so blend layers and highlights for a stunning final look.

#3: Short Platinum Blonde Hair

Short Platinum Blonde Hair Ideas

Platinum blonde all-over color is a high-maintenance look that is well worth it! The shape and design of this hairstyle compensate for the lack of dimension in this hue. This bob ends just shy of the shoulders and has some shorter layers in the front. The harsh hue is softened by creating loose curls all around.

#4: Short Light Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

Short Light Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

This color and cut exemplify easily to style. The length from the chin to the shoulders is quite attractive, especially with the layers at the bottom and around the face. With skillfully hand-painted balayage, the color transitions from dark roots to platinum ends. Finish with textured waves and you’re ready to go.

#5: Short Wavy Blonde Hair

Short Wavy Blonde Hair Ideas

The finest hairstyle for ladies with fine hair is a superb layered cut. All-over layers lighten and volumize the hair. The beachy waves and multiple golden brown hair highlights throughout the style provide depth and are super-easy to do on a daily basis. Nobody will ever suspect you had fine strands!

#6: Blonde Bob Hair

Short Bob Blonde Hair

This look is both feminine and utterly contemporary. The blonde overall dye job shines thanks to highlights and lowlights. There’s a tiny slant from shorter in the rear to longer in the front, but it’s all one length. This may be difficult if you have naturally wavy hair, but if you have straight hair or receive regular blowouts, it is a stunning cut.

#7: Short Blonde Side Swept Hair

Short Blonde Hair Ideas

The stunning short blonde side-swept hair with tons of structure and layers has all the makings of a timeless classic. It is now so popular that nothing appears to be able to compete with it. Short blonde hairstyles with deeper roots and a lighter top layer will be among the most popular and commonly requested hairstyles in 2023. It’s no surprise!

#8: Textured Blonde Bob

Short Blonde Hair

Wavy bobs are still one of the greatest and most popular short haircuts. Some celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence never miss an opportunity to show off their polished sense of style. Her short blonde hair, fashioned into light sloppy waves, is a stylish addition to a casual daytime or nighttime outfit.

#9: Blonde Blunt Haircut

Blonde Blunt Hair

This blunt cut is ideal for girls who desire a straight, no-nonsense look that is yet quite attractive. Blonde hairstyles are quite easy to manage if you have naturally straight hair; curly hair will require a bit more care with frequent straightening and deep conditioning.

#10: Short Dirty Blonde Hair

Dirty Blonde Hair

Check out this very cute and simple-to-wear style. This dirty blonde over-the-shoulder design frames the face beautifully. Exposed roots are a low-maintenance platinum foundation. You can see why this fashion trend is so popular!

#11: Short Warm Blonde Hair

Short Warm Blonde Hair Ideas

Combine shoulder-length “the sun and sea air caused this to my hair hue” blonde with loose waves to nail this style. The color progresses from dark roots to platinum points, and the lob is broken up by unruly waves. To obtain this look, use salt spray and texture paste.

#12: Modern Angled Blunt Bob

 Modern Blonde Bob

If you have fine or thin hair, this adorable haircut is ideal. The nape-length bob with angled layers in the front adds depth and movement to the look. Highlights of ash blonde will thicken your strands, add structure, and make your hair simpler to manage. Also, front layers may be pinned or tied back for a variety of appearances!

#13: Shoulder Length Blonde Hair

Short Blonde Hair

Are you weary of waking up with long, unruly hair? You’ll be relieved to learn that over-the-shoulder lobs are back in style. Cropped, straight hairstyles like this one can save you time in the morning while also garnering you additional compliments. With a little texturizing spray and a few rapid hand motions, you can easily get this wavy style.

#14: Short Wavy Layered Blonde Hair

Short Wavy Blonde Hair

Short blonde hairstyles for wavy hair may include a dark undercut or an underlayer. Choose a very short haircut with a tapered nape and layered waves for a unique look. The layers encourage natural wave movement. If you have straight hair, you may experiment with different textures by using a curling iron.

#15: Chin-Length Blonde Hair

Chin Length Blonde Hair Ideas

This disheveled chin-length hairstyle is ideal for females who like a low-maintenance haircuts look. Ash blond accents over brown roots complete the appearance. When the textured, undone locks are flung to the side, they appear finest. This look requires no heat, product, or style.

#16: Short White Blonde Hair

Short White Blonde Hair Ideas

If you enjoy short blonde hairstyles with waves, this is a must. The end effect is breathtaking. This white blonde around the face is a breath of fresh air. A terrific short hair color suggestion, especially if you’re moving from brown to blonde.

#17: Short Silver Blonde Hair

Short Silver Blonde Hair Ideas

The very best Today’s hairstyles have a movement to them that makes your locks seem energetic. Layers may be used to enhance the texture of your bob. They’ll look much better with a sea salt spray on top.

#18: Short Blonde Soft Waves

Short Blonde Hair

A combination of warm blonde and light brown tones creates a lovely style for the summer months that will complement tanned skin. To make your hair color more sophisticated and dimensional, you may surely add a few platinum highlights.

#19: Shoulder Length Sandy Blonde Hair

Shoulder Length Blonde Hair

Take your naturally brown hair to the next level by highlighting it with a blonde balayage. This method adds structure to any short hair, and the waves add volume, converting your hair into a bold and brightwork of art. If you do not want to have very short hair, it is sufficient to cut your hair at shoulder level.

#20: Bob with Tousled Waves

Blonde Bob Haircut

Messy hairstyles look best when done on new haircuts. The texture is tangled, and the ends are broken, but the form is discernible. That’s what gives you the ideal bed head bob. For this hairstyle, you can either leave the roots dark or make all your hair blonde.

#21: Voluminous Short Blonde Hair

Short Blonde Voluminous Hair

It’s a frequent misperception that cutting your thin hair short would make it look even thinner. In fact, cutting your hair might make it appear fuller. When it comes to beautifying your tresses, texture through layering is a fantastic thing. The same may be said for a bright blonde hue.

#22: Short Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

Short Blonde Hair and Dark Roots

This is a classic short haircut for ladies. The cut has a shag form to it, yet it just brushes the shoulders. Big loose waves sweep out from the face and are broken up by finger curls, warm golden highlights, and low lights in gorgeous hair colors all around.

#23: Classy Short Blonde Bob

Classy Short Blonde Hair

Many women look good with short blonde hair. It’s only a matter of getting the correct cut and shade of blonde to go with your look. If you’re scared to go really short, choose a style that falls below your ears and has some stacked layers in the back for that unique rounded bob appearance.

#24: Short Blonde Balayage

Short Blonde Balayage Hair

This short haircut is easy to style: separate the hair, curl from ear-length to the ends, leaving the tips out of the curling iron, and finger comb with finishing spray. The lovely ash blonde balayage breaks up the harsh cut and adds interest to this straightforward style.

#25: Short Blonde Hair for Older Women

Short Blonde Hair Ideas for Older Women

This short blonde pixie haircut is full of complexion hair that would look amazing on any elderly woman. A bright blonde is an ideal makeover for people who want a little attitude, more volume, and height at the crown. Use a blow dryer to shape your hair and keep your hair more beautiful.

#26: Short Blonde Highlights

Short Blonde Hair with Highlights

This hue is quite contemporary and trendy. The ombre color is a mix of platinum blonde and brown, and the cut complements it well. An angled bob with chin-length longer front pieces and textured neck-length back pieces complements and frames the face well.

#27: Short Ashy Blonde Hair

Short Ashy Blonde Hair Ideas

If you have very straight hair or adore your straightening iron, this is the cut for you. This is an excellent choice for fine hair. This cut’s blunt ends are quite trendy and fresh. The color is nearly ombre and has an ash tint to it. This adorable hairdo may be worn wavy or straight.

#28: Short Straight Blonde Hair with Highlights

Short Straight Blonde Hair

This shoulder-skimming bob shimmers with platinum blonde. This style has great dimensions because of the multi-dimensional hue and the ever-so-subtle hair. This style makes undone waves seem professional. The back has some tiny layers for volume, while the rest of the cut is blunt.

#29: Short Sassy Blonde Hair

Short Sassy Blonde Hair Ideas

Take a bob, add some strategically placed layers, dazzling platinum highlights, and sleek straight styling, and you’ve got this sultry look. This style’s color is ideal for women who currently have blonde hair or color and wish to change the tint. This is an excellent cut for fine hair because of the layers and side parts.

#30: Short Creamy Blonde Hair

Short Blonde Hair Ideas

This is the look you want if you want basic, short hair. The ultra-light creamy blonde hair color is quite attractive. This bob’s length and texture are ideal for daily style and maintenance. Also, if you wait too long between trims, this will miraculously turn into a trendy lob.

#31: Short Pearly Blonde Hair

Short Pearly Blonde Hair Ideas

If there is one hairstyle that is universally flattering, this is it. Textured layers are wonderful for adding volume to fine-haired women’s hair and de-bulking thicker-haired women’s hair. Curling wands or flat irons can be used to style the loose, beachy waves. The pearly blonde hue is attractive and simple to keep up with balayage.

#32: Short Bright Blonde Hair

Short Bright Blonde Hair Ideas

Short hair can be chin-length and yet be suitable for a range of stylish hairstyles. One of them is the sloppy tousled short bob hair with blonde balayage highlights. This side sweep is both lovely and easy to do. If you want to wear your hair in a sloppy informal way, choppy blonde haircuts are ideal.

#33: Short Blonde Hair with Money Pieces

Short Blonde Hair and Money Pieces

This hue is created by layering white blonde highlights. With a curled-under long bob with modest angling from back to front, the dimensional color is on full show. Curtain bangs are swept to the side and are chin length. The color generates the majority of the texture in this short hairdo, with some little layers on the sides and back.

#34: Short Light Blonde Hair

Short Light Blonde Hairstyles

Long hair is lovely, but it is occasionally preferable to opt for a crop and clip off all the damaged ends. Short light blonde hairstyles with dark roots are quite popular for two reasons: ease of upkeep and the opportunity to regenerate healthy locks. If you want a dramatic impression, this short blonde hair with dark roots has enough of it.

#35: Short Blonde Hair with Curtain Bangs

Short Blonde Hair and Curtain Bangs

Short blonde hairstyles with layers in the rear create a stunning side view. Choose anything with bangs to frame your face beautifully. They’ll soften any haircut, including jagged layers. You do not need to have a full fringe. A few wispy front pieces should be enough. When you need hair off your face, pin or tuck it behind your ear.

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