50 Short Hairstyles for Black Women: Get Ready to Try Something New!

by Editorial Team

If you’ve been growing out your hair for a while, the thought of cutting it all off can be daunting. But don’t worry—short hairstyles for black women can look both sophisticated and stylish, and you’ll be doing your hair a favor by giving it a break from the heat styling and products needed to maintain longer hair. Plus, shorter cuts are easier to style and more versatile. Let’s explore some of the most popular short hairstyles for black women that you can try today!


Short Hairstyles Tips and Benefits for Black Women

Do you want to explore a new look that is stylish, empowering, and low-maintenance? Well then, short hairstyles for Black women are a great choice. Not only are they becoming increasingly popular and up-to-date in the fashion world, but they also offer several advantages. Short hair is so much easier to style every day – no more wrestling with unruly locks! Plus, it requires less heat styling which will help keep your hair healthier. Going short can also make you feel fabulous – Black women often feel empowered and beautiful with a fresh cut. So why not get ahead of the trend curve this summer with a cool new look? Whether you opt for an edgy pixie or sleek bob, it’s sure to turn some heads and make you feel confident!

50 Natural Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Natural short hairstyles usually look best. However, when it comes to short cuts, changing your style is not often, and a professional hairstyle is required. What can women with short hair choose? They can make versatile bobs with different angles, straightened styles and typical African hairstyles.

#1: Curly Pixie Natural Hair

short black women hair

This obedient hairstyle is very suitable for busy women. The tighter the curls, the more elegant the hairstyle. Moreover, thanks to this hairstyle, you can shape your hair more easily.

#2: Side-Parted Pixie Bob

Side-Parted Pixie Bob

For short hair, simple hairstyles can be as cute as hair with more texture or color. With the layers on the back and very subtle highlights, you can get a simple and elegant look. Also, if you take the long part of your hair to one side, you will get a different look.

#3: Platinum Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut for Black Women

Choose a layered pixie haircut for straight hair. For a good stylist, layering is easy. Only a good iron is needed for morning upkeep. Make yourself an outstanding connoisseur of fashion taste.

#4: Faded Pixie Cut

Faded Pixie Cut for Natural Hair

Great haircuts are always perfect with a nicely shaved pixie cut. This hairstyle is very short, but there are many options. Leave the curl natural or straighten and cut for a sharper look.

#5: Red Short Hair for Black Women

Red Short Hair for Black Women

For black women, give preference to short haircuts. Go red with a burgundy or electric shade to match your style. The colors chosen from the rainbow are expressive and show a bit of personality as well as style. Moreover, this red hair will make you stand out!

#6: Side Swept Pixie Cut

Side Swept Pixie

Take full advantage of this natural side sweep pixie film. This compact hairstyle makes the face slimmer and longer. Fashion is as versatile as black hairstyles. Smooth it or train the waves to point in a specific direction. Regardless, the side scan looks impressive.

#7: Blonde Curls for Short Natural Hair

short blonde hair for black women

The short curly hair dyed in blonde color creates a unique and modern hairstyle. Use new colors to express yourself. Give your hair a natural shape and color. This method supports the same services.

#8: Natural Short Hair with Light Brown Color

Natural Short Hair with Light Brown Color

Not only is the style bold, but the color also distinguishes you from other black women. Short hair with a pointed profile is popular among African American beauties with thick hair. If you have a similar hairstyle, please visit a hairdresser and complete it.

#9: Natural Pixie Cut with Hair Bangs

Hair Bangs for Natural Hair

Sharpen your face with a short pixie cut and hair bangs. The undercut style fits the chin line and sharp chin. Pretty bangs connect the overall look. Get a clean look with a crisp pixie cut. In this way, you can highlight the beauty of your face more.

#10: Natural Short Hair with Curls

Natural Short Hair with Curls

Black women’s short hair varies in texture and type; in this example, it was used of straighteners to create smooth, controlled curls, followed by hot rollers or large cylindrical curlers.

#11: Buzz Cut on Natural Short Hair

Buzz Cut for Black Women

Take an adventurous route and experience it all in a stylish way. As one of the best very short hairstyles for black women, this hairstyle is easy to take off and easy to style, creating a cool, eye-catching hairstyle. Hairstyles with faded edges, undercuts, or sides and back hair create an avant-garde look. The end result is an unpretentious but charming ending.

#12: Curly Pixie Haircut

Curly Short Hairstyles for Black Women

For black women, short hair is a fashionable way to show their personal style. Do you want something a little arrogant but still feminine? Mohawk hairstyle with sweet curly hair is your style. Flick your finger lightly to hair for create a retro atmosphere.

#13: Pixie with Long Swoopy Layers

Pixie with Long Swoopy Layers

The beauty of natural hair is that you can curl it naturally at any time, but you can also straighten it when you are ready to change for a smooth and shiny look. Using natural hair will make the hair thicker and healthier. So, if you heat your hair, the damage will be minimal.

#14: Tapered Pixie with Defined Curly Top

Pixie Curly Top for Black Women

Apply the texture of the curls to the curls! The beautiful spiral adds a lot of fluffy and volume to the natural short hair, but despite the fullness of the coif, it still retains the luster and elegance in the picture.

#15: Faded Glory Haircut

Faded Glory Short Hairstyles for Black Women

There is nothing more bold and elegant than a short hairstyle and arched eyebrows. Turn this cute fauxhawk into yours and make it come alive! The neckline is very beneficial for dark-skinned ladies. Adding color can not only complement your black hair, but also your skin tone.

#16: Blonde Pixie Cut

Blonde Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Completely change the color of your hair with the blonde pixie cut. A high-contrast hairstyle is what you need an amazing new look. Fall in love with short haircuts in shiny new colors. Moreover, if you choose this hair color a little bright, you can attract more attention.

#17: Cropped Natural Curls

Cropped Natural Curls for Black Women

Use tailored natural curls for more control. The cropped cut helps keep the edges healthy. Once you trim your natural locks, it will be easier to shape them. You can also dye your hair any color you want with this hairstyle.

#18: Poofy Mohawk for Natural Short Hair

 Poofy Mohawk for Black Women

Although the Mohawk has been around for several years, stylists are still looking for ways to change their appearance. This poofy top cut is one of the black women’s favorites because it is stylish and feminine. All you have to do for this hairstyle is pin your hair up!

#19: Super Short and Platinum Hair

Super Short Platinum Hairstyles for Black Women

Suppose you already have short hair and want to try something avant-garde, you can always put on scissors and cut a few inches, but don’t stop and add some platinum. In this way, you will stand out from the crowd.

#20: Purple Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Purple Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Are you looking for a hairstyle that will make you look different? First of all, you can cut your hair short. Then you can paint it purple. In this way, you will be very visible with the purple color.

#21: Short Blonde Curls for Black Women

Short Blonde Curls for Black Women

Use this curly look on modern pixie with long curly hair to make the passing crowd wonder. The elegant shape is upgraded to a high-end state, and the soft light color is the bold color of every black women. Especially when you apply a yellow eyeshadow, your hair looks more beautiful.

#22: Haircut with Shapely Waves

Wavy Short Haircut

One of the best ways to shape black women’s hairstyles, especially those with loose hair, is to add a lot of texture to them. It is best to keep your hair dark or brown, because dark hair will better reflect every curve of your waves.

#23: Amber Hair Color for Black Women

Short Hair for Black Women

One of the queens who ‘slaying’ short hair is Rihanna. This is why she continues to be a source of inspiration for women rushing to the stylist chair. This bright auburn swirl style is one of the best styles for singers.

#24: Colored Short Hair Styles for Black Women

Short Hair for Black Women

Are you a child born in the 80s​​? Do you like retro looks that you don’t see often these days? Black women have an obvious advantage, that is, they can give their hair a bright, vibrant tone without making it too greasy or arrogant. The colored shade looks charming on straight and curly hair. When looking for short hair ideas for black women, color should not be overlooked, which can be very interesting.

#25: Tousled Pixie with Layered Bangs

Tousled Pixie with Layered Bangs

Black women’s short hairstyles can be fashionable or casual, depending on the occasion and clothing plan. Curly, straight or slightly wavy and messy, it’s your choice. This stylish pixie has a pointed silhouette and forward-swept casual bangs. As hard as the wind blowing through them. This is a beautiful hairstyle full of energy and movement, suitable for women on the move.

#26: Big Tapered Texture

Big Tapered Texture for Black Women

This is another nice look of natural hair. Keep the top and sides as wide as possible, but reduce the ear area and the back of the head to add more contour to your natural curly hair. If you want to add a little more variety to your hair, dye your hair blue.

#27: Blue and Purple Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Blue and Purple Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Do you want difference? Changing your hair for this will change you a lot. If you have curls in your hair, you can highlight them more. For this, you can dye some of your short hair blue and some purple. These two colors that are compatible with each other will make you completely different and beautiful!

#28: Green Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Green Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Blow your hair to number three gives you a different look. In this way, you will be more comfortable, especially in summer. Moreover, those who dare to do more can dye their hair green. With the make-up you will do, this color will be more perfect.

#29: Fauxhawk Hair for Black Women

Fauxhawk for Black Women

As you might have guessed from the name, this natural short hairstyle mimics the Mohawk hairstyle. For this hair, you need to shave the sides of the hair. Natural hair of various lengths like this hairstyle because it only requires strategic placement of hairpins, styling or holding hair products and brushes that slide along the sides.

#30: Color-Treated Caesar Haircut

Short Burgundy Color for Black Women

If you dare to try the purple Caesar, you can try this color soon. There is no better time to try purple hair color when your hair curls quickly. Choose a classic color, such as purple, or a more interesting color, think about it: turquoise, have fun.

#31: Coiled Undercut Hair

Coiled Undercut for Black Women

By now, you may have noticed that this is one of the most fashionable short natural styles for black women on social media. A haircut is just a sharp hair type, in which the hair on the back of the head and on both sides of the head is lower relative to the top of the head. Hair is usually longer and thicker. Although the length of the hair may change with the division, the contrast between the division and other areas is the hallmark of this style.

#32: Tapered Soft Short Waves

Short Waves for Black Women

If you like the idea of ​​a tapered hairstyle with natural short hair, you might like the low hairstyle option. The fundamental difference between this hairstyle and the above hairstyle is that the difference in the length of the hair on the top of the head is not so sharp. The best thing about this natural short hairstyle is that it looks great on different textures and densities of hair.

#33: Tiny Afro Hairstyles

Short Hair for Black Women

This is the classic and popular short haircut for black women. This fashionable makeup will make women feel confident and sexy. Exquisite African hairstyles are a modern and simple way to create a natural look.

#34: Tightly Cut Hairstyles for Black Women

Pixie Cut for Black Women

This charming and laid-back black short hair will make you a queen. Check out this simple look with big earrings and get ready to turn your head! At the same time, you will look more attractive as your hair looks sticky.

#35: Elegant Pixie Cut Hairstyles

Pixie Cut for Black Women

If you want to minimize your morning routine, then just easily replicate this chic style. To make this simple hairstyle more attractive, add some fashionable eyeliner styles to brighten your eyes.

#36: Sleek Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Sleek Short Hairstyles for Black Women

To create this cute short hairstyle for black women, lightly cut the sides and trim the back. Add bangs to make the look more attractive. You can choose the color blue for attention. A bright make-up with blue hair will make you stand out more.

#37: Extra Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Extra Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Many people like natural hairstyles, and this is the meaning of this look. Whether you have braids, Africans, or even super short hair, it always stands out and it suits you very well! After you cut your hair very short, you can dye it brown to add color to it.

#38: Stylish Short Pixie Hairstyles

Short Hairstyles for Black Women with Pink Color

This is a cute short haircut for black women with longer hair on one side. Long bangs can be draped on the forehead to create an elegant and feminine look. This style is suitable for women with round and slender faces.

#39: Asymmetrical Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Short Hairstyles for Black Women

The simple tapered pixie cut with long curly hair gives you a refined and timeless look. You can easily update this sexy short haircut at any time by choosing your favorite hair color. If you want, you can keep your natural black color and highlight your hair with this fluffy shape.

#40: Sophisticated Short Hairstyles For Black Women

Finger Wave Hair

Be creative and turn this beautiful hairstyle into a casual evening look by adding some loose waves and brushing them to the side. Then comb your hair to one side and stick it with the help of a gel. In this way, your hair does not electrify.

#41: Small Braid Buns

Small Braid Buns for Black Women

If you’ve had your hair braided in box braids, shave your temples. Then shape these braids into small buns. Moreover, if your hair is a striking color like green, you will be different from everyone else. Gather some courage for this!

#42: White and Short Hairstyles for Black Women

White and Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Want to make a difference for your hair? For this, you should first consider cutting your hair number three. Then you can paint it completely white. If you have some guts, you should consider this idea. In this way, you transform into a completely different person.

#43: Feed in Braids for Black Women

Feed in Braids for Black Women

It is possible to braid your hair in the form of feed in braids after having a short cut! Moreover, this hairstyle will make you look different than ever before. At the same time, it separates you from other people and allows you to stand out. You can make this hairstyle in your natural hair color or using a different color.

#44: Orange Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Orange Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Orange is a color that requires a lot of courage. Especially the fact that this color is so bright causes everyone to look at you the moment you step on the street. If you want such a situation, orange is for you! You should try this color after you cut your hair properly.

#45: Pink and Blonde Short Hair for Black Women

Pink and Blonde Short Hair for Black Women

There is a way to make the curls in your hair sweeter! For this, you can dye the lower part of your hair yellow and the upper part pink. In this way, you can have small and sweet curls. If you want, you can dye your eyebrows pink as you can see in the photo.

#46: Lavender Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Do you love the color purple? If you want to show this color in your hair, you should consider lavender color. Because lavender color is a bit of a pastel tone. Therefore, it does not attract much attention. It also goes well with your makeup.

#47: Sexy Short Haircut for Natural Hair

Sexy Short Haircut for Natural Hair

Keri Hilson continues to inspire you with her excellent short hairstyles designed for black women. In this particular case, it is focused on this two-tone pixie hairstyle with long bangs, and they have a sexy style on one side.

#48: Almost a Buzz Cut

Short Hair for Black Women

Many brave girls choose to skip the middle cut of black women and go directly to BC (or Big Chop). This is a great way to style short hair after cutting. Pay attention to the exquisite outline to add flavor to the shape of the hairline.

#49: Fade and Colored Pixie Haircuts

Fade Pixie Cut

Rihanna is one of the hair queens because she has designed dozens of hairstyles and styles effortlessly over the years. She has one of her wildest hairstyles. Like her, in this photo, blue pixie with long bangs and shaved edges are fashionable.

#50: Short Ombre for Natural Hair

Short Ombre for Natural Hair

Like dreadlocks, ombre is more common in medium-length hair; however, ombre hair looks just as good on ultra-short strands. Take this natural hairstyle as an example. Two different shades of pink give you a sweet look.

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